Our Capabilities.

For many years, WebVixxen Design have been the source for some of the most outstanding websites and web applications available today. We build solutions that lead their industry and remain at the top for a long time. We have developed numerous large scale websites and web applications and our work speaks for itself. Our unique approach, philosophy, and ethic of work have proven their efficiency throughout hundreds of projects, resulting in tremendous, long lasting successes.

Visual Design
Pixel-perfect layouts, impeccable typography, emotionally driven design—we are brand ambassadors, and we aim to make the web beautiful and desirable. Our expertise is in creating unique, luxurious brand experiences that let brands live organically in the digital ecosystem. We partner closely with our clients to gain the best knowledge of their brands, their audiences, and their customers’ expectations. Our process is iterative, as our user experience and interaction development teams work hand-in-hand to deliver the best design solutions. We create desire through impactful, dynamic visual brand expressions that work. Simply put, we make our clients look and feel good.

Strategy and Planning
Strategic thinking lays the groundwork in all our client relations – ensuring that each project drives both, brand and business impact. Therefore our strategy and planning is integrated into projects from beginning to end, developing consumer insights, providing thought leadership on emerging trends in technology, media and culture, developing competitive and category assessments, identifying strategic opportunities, and driving innovation that creates demonstrable value for clients.

Key Services:
Strategic Opportunities Thinking
Digital Thought Leadership
Consumer Insights
Competitive & Category Analysis
Market & Trends Analysis

User Experience (UX)
We know that to provide the best service for our clients, we need to understand their consumers and create the best possible user experiences that align their expectations with the brands’ business objectives. Our UX team is involved in all aspects of the design process beginning with understanding functional requirements and conducting user research, through detailed design iterations and eventually to QA in order to ensure the project is developed to specification. At WebVixxen Design, our UX team works hand-in-hand with our Technology and Design teams to develop the best interface solutions to meet the client’s business objectives and the user’s expectations . We strive to provide the most elegant yet simple interfaces that enhance not only the user experience, but also the brand perception.

Key Services:
Site audits
Focus group and user research
Content strategy
Site map development
Wireframing and prototyping
Usability testing

Mobile and Emerging Platforms
As mobile overtakes the PC as the primary device for accessing the Internet, we are rapidly approaching a new world order: mobile first, desktop second. Our mobile and emerging platforms capability understands the hugely important but highly fragmented mobile landscape with its proliferation of devices, operating systems (OS) and OS versions. We conceive, design and develop both native apps and platform-neutral mobile web solutions for the branding, customer acquisition, m-commerce and customer service needs of our clients.

Key Services:
Mobile Strategy
Mobile Apps
Mobile Web
Smart Phone and Tablet

We are able to deliver the highest level of enterprise security, scalability, and performance with considerable cost savings passed down to our clients.

Our bleeding edge Private Cloud infrastructure allows for client segmentation and on-demand consumption based upon each client’s needs and anticipated volume.

Photography and Video Studio
WebVixxen Design’s full service photography and video studio caters to luxury and retail brands with a focus on online brand translation and high volume ecommerce photography.

Key Services:
eCommerce Photography
Unique Content Creation
Editorial Photography
Video Production