Discover the 10 hottest trends in website design

01. Hierarchy of content

A more descriptive name for this trend could be called “show me what I care about about when I care about it”. It represents the end of the obsessive focus on “related articles” and the unnecessary “you might be interested in this…” clutter around the content that you actually care about at that moment. That doesn’t mean that curated content is a bad thing in itself of course; it still has room in your layout as long as it doesn’t get in front of what you are reading. Here are three great examples of this trend.

We’ve come a long way in web design when it comes to news sites. Remember the small screen resolutions, the requests to fit as many call to actions as you could above the fold, and don’t forget about the 300×250. The layout of Quartz, “a digitally native news outlet for the new global economy”, is a million miles away from all of that. It succeeds in providing a large amount of information without the site ever seeming cluttered or overwhelming.

02. Full screen imagery

More and more websites are taking advantage of the increasing popularity of widescreen monitors to show gorgeous imagery to full effect.

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Positive Breeds Positive: In The Workplace

A positive attitude in the workplace can make a big difference!!!  We’re sure many of you can relate to this in some way or another:

  • Meetings in which most of the discussion is on what is going wrong rather than about ideas on how to solve the problem.

  • Upper management seems to care only about how they are measured (usually by short-term profits) rather than about the long-term success of the company.

  • General conversations occur around the workplace almost daily in which people complain to each other about how this, that, or the entire company is doomed to fail.

  • Employees backstab each other in attempts to “get ahead” in the company.

  • People leave their workplace at the end of the day feeling drained and lifeless from all the negative energy.

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    First Impressions

    Don’t forget to treat every page of your website as if it’s the homepage.

    Everybody knows the importance of making a first positive impression, but if you assume prospective customers first encounter your website through its homepage, thin again.
    Natural search results drive visitors to individual pages that best match each user’s search query, and often that page is not your site’s homepage.

    On more than 200 websites we manage, nearly four of every 10 visitors enter the site from somewhere other than the homepage.  Unfortunately, most business owners and marketing managers focus 90% of their creative attention and resources on designing a stunning homepage and treat the other pages as an afterthought. Don’t make that mistake! Give every page the same attention you devote to your site’s homepage.

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    Totorial on how to Build a Facebook Landing Page for Your Business

    1. Add the Static FBML App

    The tabs at the top of your Facebook Fan Page are apps. Some, like your wall and photos are built into Facebook. Others are essentially plug-ins where fans can view external content, like YouTube videos, Flickr photos, etc.

    The app you need for your custom page is called “Static FBML,” located here. If you’re logged into Facebook, you can add it to your Page. It is essentially a blank canvas where you can add whatever content you want, including custom graphics and links via standard HTML.

    Facebook Fan Page Image

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