First Impressions

Don’t forget to treat every page of your website as if it’s the homepage.

Everybody knows the importance of making a first positive impression, but if you assume prospective customers first encounter your website through its homepage, thin again.
Natural search results drive visitors to individual pages that best match each user’s search query, and often that page is not your site’s homepage.

On more than 200 websites we manage, nearly four of every 10 visitors enter the site from somewhere other than the homepage.  Unfortunately, most business owners and marketing managers focus 90% of their creative attention and resources on designing a stunning homepage and treat the other pages as an afterthought. Don’t make that mistake! Give every page the same attention you devote to your site’s homepage.

Recently we have had over 10 companies come to us to spruce up their site’s image, primarily all the other pages, so the whole site is up to par with their fabulous homepage.

Normally when a company comes to us with this specific design request, we start with checking your website’s analytics to identify where visitors most frequently enter your site, and determine whether each page channels visitors to the information/creative you want them to see and to the actions you want them to take.  After our evaluation we come up with our suggestions of how to make it better.  Some sites can be saved and some are best to be re-designed from scratch.

If you’re unsure of your site’s purpose, this is the first issue to tackle.  You should have a clear purpose for your site before you contact a design firm, but if you skipped that step, we can certainly help you formulate a purpose now.  If your site’s conversion rate is quite low, contact us for a free evaluation @ 310-310-2737 or email us at