We believe in hard work, disruptive start-up concepts, sound strategy, solid operating plans and teamwork. The integration of these components into a single, creative framework is designed to drive results.

With a special emphasis on “DESIGN” or, fashion based companies and products, we specialize in serving a wide variety of businesses, including interior designers, e-commerce clothing platforms, products and services related to fashion and design. We provide clients with a variety of services and resources, including business planning, marketing strategies, legal assistance, public relations, web design & development, app development, event organizing and professional networking.

How We Can Help
As a full-service incubator and growth accelerator, it’s our mission to provide our clients with the tools to put their businesses on a path to profitability.

Because our clients are typically at different stages on the growth spectrum, we offer a range of pricing and services to meet the needs of most small to mid-size companies. For some, we operate like an ad agency or public relations firm with a monthly retainer to cover an agreed upon set of projects, goals, or a specific time period. For our very early stage companies, we offer much of the same service only with deferred pricing or a small piece of ownership in the client’s company.

Seeking New Companies
We love disruptive and differentiated businesses with unique products & services. We’re interested to hear about your ideas and why the market needs you more than your competitors. How is your product or service different, or how have you improved upon an existing idea?

Type of Companies We Seek:
Fashion Design Houses
Emerging Designers
Accessorries Designers
Jewelry Designers
Interior Decorators
E-commerce Fashion Related Platforms

Key Services Offered:
Business Planning
Marketing Strategies
Social Media
Design & Development
Content Creation
Video Production
Public Relations


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