The history of Cartier is populated by both real and imaginary animals, a precious menagerie which enchants the jeweler’s world and is constantly evolving. Among these animals, birds take a prominent position. This year, parrots are honored with a brilliant collection, a clear expression of Cartier’s expertise.

A beloved flower at Cartier, the orchid demonstrates a delicate, feminine appeal. The fragility of this queen of flowers is meticulously rendered by Cartier’s skillful craftsmanship, its delicate petals sculpted from the finest precious materials. First used by the jeweler in 1925, the orchid is now a classic motif in Cartier jewelry. Today, Cartier dreams up new designs based on this iconic flower. Bracelets, necklaces and pendant earrings in white mother-of-pearl and engraved pink chalcedony make up a feminine and sophisticated collection.